Our Story

In 2010, shortly after the tragic death of her 16 year-old step-son, Christopher, Joni D’Alessandro decided to work through her grief by stepping outside of herself and helping others. Joni, a professional hair dresser, found herself at Children’s Hospital’s monthly “Coffee House” where parents and caregivers have a chance to relax, socialize and get a manicure or massage.

While spending time with the families at the hospital, Joni became immersed in their situations and stories. She realized that many of these families did not have the ability to feed themselves or their other children while they were at the hospital. What she saw and heard broke her heart. But, it also instilled in her the desire and motivation to do something.

Christopher’s Kitchen was born!

“Christopher brought me there, to see the need and to feel their pain. When your child is sick you can not worry about being fed. I thought, like many of you, that when the kids were fed, the families were provided food as well.”–Joni D’Alessandro

Joni D’Alessandro delivering food to the hospital. Photography by Annie Gensheimer

Christopher’s Kitchen, a 501c3, relies solely on volunteers and charitable donations.

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Board Members

  • Joni D’Alessandro, President/Founder
  • Amy Garrison
  • Joyce Smith
  • Angela Altieri
  • Maria Raymond
  • Terri Burgard
  • Melissa Fann
  • Barb Steinour
  • Tracy Barnabi
  • Carol Hesz